11am Monday Update on Hurricane Lee

Latest NWS forecast for the next five days. 
The above map shows the forecast positions of the eye of Hurricane Lee. The outer white boundary is the average error for hurricane forecasts at 5-days. M = major hurricane ( ≥ Cat 3 winds), H = hurricane. 

Here is the latest ensemble of all of the models' forecasts of the path of the eye. It has shifted a touch west since yesterday.
Please note: if the hurricane strikes land, it will be a storm like Sandy, not like a hurricane striking Florida. In the latter, the highest winds are concentrated near the eye. In Sandy, the wind field was not as strong but was spread out in a (relatively) vast geographic area, sort of like a Nor'easter. That also means there could be vast areas without power. 

What I recommend at this point if you live in the Maritimes, on Cape Cod or the Maine coast.
  • Get plenty of cash. ATM's and credit card readers do not work without electricity. 
  • If you have a gasoline-powered car, keep it filled with fuel. 
  • In Nor'easters, the worst winds usually come from the north through east. In this storm, the worst winds will come from south through southeast. There will also be much more of a storm surge and corresponding flooding. There will be 10-20 feet waves near shore on top of the storm surge. Please plan accordingly. 
  • Put together a "go kit" in case you have to evacuate. 
Remember, you can always re-deposit the money if the storm does not affect land and you'll eventually use the fuel. 

I'll be providing updates from this point on. 


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