Why Would Anyone Automatically "Trust" Universities???

One of the silliest global warming papers (and that's saying something!) in a while was published last week. We taxpayers are being mocked for not "trusting" universities and their researchers.

Evidently, university researchers think we don't pay attention to what is occurring at American universities.

In addition to the above,
Notice a trend here? Not only is the quality of university research questionable, students and staff must either follow the liberal line or you are gone! And, good luck suing to get your rights protected.

Why Does This Matter For Global Warming Science?

It is politically incorrect at a university to publish research that casts doubt on the catastrophic global warming hypothesis. But, the pressure is worse than just political. Huge money comes from global warming alarmism. 

This climate research center at U of Texas was 
just announced last week. 
The above is a tiny sample of the universities getting millions and millions of dollars from the pro-global warming alarmism side. Here's the point: There is absolutely zero institutional incentive to disprove catastrophic global warming. 

If catastrophic global warming was disproven, the money flow dries up, professors lose jobs, and cobwebs gather in the nice new buildings. What do you think the chances are of that happening?!

Trust has to be earned! Doubting the integrity of universities makes all the sense in the world. 


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