Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Dr. Strangeclimate Revisited

A while back, I wrote a parody about Big Climate and my fictional character, Dr. Strangeclimate. Before going further, I invite you to read that piece as I hope it will simultaneously cause you to laugh and feel chagrin. 

As you might expect, some questioned whether things really work this way. They do! Yesterday, a friend forwarded to me this "help wanted" ad from LinkedIn:
What is a "rapid response director" for an organization called Climate Power? Exactly what is described in the "Strangeclimate" parody. A rapid response director's job is to have press releases ready to blame climate change for every sort of bad weather -- leaving only the location and dates blank. They will often start releasing these even before the storm strikes. Why? The storm might not be as bad as forecast and so would lose the opportunity if they had to base the panic press releases on reality. 

All of this is to try to influence public opinion and clear the political battlespace so that these Big Climate organizations get more tax $$$$ and more power over our lives. 

Addition. Dr. Judith Curry gave an outstanding interview on this very topic to John Stossel on this very topic

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