Friday, September 22, 2023

Review of Herb Alpert and Lani Hall Concert, Kansas City, September 21st

Eighty-eight years old and he can still blow that horn! Listen to the end of A Taste of Honey.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself -- Kathleen had to stop me several times from drumming or singing (except when the audience was invited to do so by Herb or Lani). 

Herb, like my late brother-in-law, is a breed of man that America -- to its discredit -- doesn't make nearly as often as it used to -- but still desperately needs. Men that, when something needs to be done, just do it. They don't ask permission. They don't check with the government. They just do it. 

The concert was a mix of oldies like Rise, Route 101 (my all-time Alpert favorite) and songs from the TJB era as well as some of his newer recordings. He included a moving tribute to the late Karen Carpenter with a wonderful version of We've Only Just Begun on the trumpet. Alpert, along with the late Jerry Moss, were the founders of legendary A&M Records which was the Carpenters' label.* 

Lani Hall, for those unfamiliar, is Herb's wife of 50 years (as of December) and was the lead singer for Sergio Mendes and Brazil '66. 

They received several standing ovations. The one Herb received early in the concert was thunderous. He seemed quite moved. 

I regret to report that Herb seemed to have some memory problems during the show. I'm wondering if this might be their last tour. So, if you are a fan and they are coming to your city -- don't miss them!!!

* A&M was, by far, the most successful independent label in history. They recorded and published Carole King, Sting, Janet Jackson, Cat Stevens, Peter Frampton, Amy Grant and others. 

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