What Is Wrong With the Washington Post?

Yesterday, I wrote about the ghoulishness of publishing global warming propaganda while tens of thousands are trying to preserve their lives and property as Florence approaches the coast.

Today, I don't even have words for the Washington Post's editorial (headline above) which is so ridiculous I'm not even going to link to it. As a meteorologist for the last 47-years, I'd love to learn how to get in touch with these weather gods so as to learn how to control hurricanes.

Of course, it is possible the Post's writers don't know the definition of "complicit."
Or, perhaps, they don't even understand the most basic aspects of either weather or climate. That hurricanes have struck the Middle Atlantic region since the beginning of time regardless of the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. Or, that there were more hurricanes in the region before CO2 levels rose. As the graphic below illustrates, major hurricanes on the East Coast are 63% less frequent than before CO2 levels rose (MH = major hurricane).
I can't put into words the disgusting nature of all of this political and global warming BS. Tens of thousands are evacuating today because local authorities (appropriately) told them to. They are frightened for their lives. They don't know if they will ever see their homes again. Worry about that, Washington Post!

So, just stop! Stop with the politics. Stop with the global warming propaganda. 

And, finally, check your facts.


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