Bulletin: Hurricane Health Protection

While it is too soon to make a specific forecast pertaining to where, or if, Hurricane Florence will make landfall in the United States, it is not too soon to make sure your health is protected should landfall occur. 

An alert from Ascel Bio’s National Disease Forecast Center:

Ascel Bio notes September 2018 is a particularly risky month for infectious disease spread. 

Flu).  Hurricanes often bring dramatic temperature drops that catch people unaware. It is important to have warm dry clothing to protect your body’s immune system.  Individuals that are displaced to schools or community centers may wish to purchase N95 masks, good hand soap, and anti-bacterial wipes. Feel free to keep your distance from people who are coughing and sneezing. It is ok to stay healthy. 

Water diseases).  September is the peak month for water diseases. This bad situation is made worse by storms because America’s water systems are old and under strain. A landfalling Hurricane Florence will bring with it the potential for heavy rain and flooding. When torrential hurricane rains fall, they frequently overwhelm systems with raw sewage overflowing and mixing into rivers and streams.  Do not swim in flood areas or drink untested water that hasn’t been boiled or treated.  Cook all foods thoroughly. Bottled water is an important addition to your emergency supplies. 

Mosquitos).  There is still sufficient time for mosquitoes to spread in the US. It is important to carry bug spray and to clear out any standing pools of water after a storm so that the bugs don’t breed. 
Flooding in the wake of Hurricane Katrina
As Florence approaches, you may obtain updated information at Ascel's www.diseasecast.com , our website designed to help you and your family stay healthy via proactive disease prediction. If you are in a hurricane or flood high-risk area, you will want to make sure you have the products needed to enhance your protection. You can find the best of those at the icons along the green line in the middle of Diseasecast page.

Please make sure family and friends are aware of this new health resource.

Disclosure: I am an investor in Ascel Bio and strongly believe in our mission to improve our nation's health through proactive disease protection.


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