Pre-Weekend Thoughts Regarding Hurricane Florence

Quick update 11:15pm CDT Friday: Based on the latest data, the threat area outlined below still appears reasonable. Again, it is too soon for any kind of high confidence but I would recommend people in the outlined area take a look at the red and purple links below and begin preparations. 
Of course, there will be people who will prepare unnecessarily but Florence could be a major hurricane and "an ounce of prevention..."  Goodnight. More tomorrow. 
Tropical Weather Systems Currently Being Monitored
It is still too soon to predict where, or even if, Hurricane Florence will make landfall in the United States. That said, I do wish to pass along some thoughts which may be helpful.

If you have your home preparedness kit and do not have any special requirements, you do not need to do anything at this point. If you do not have a home preparedness kit, act now. You can find a great preparedness checklist here. Another excellent list is here.

However, if you have one of several special circumstances, it may be time to consider precautionary action if you live in the area outlined in red.
I have singled out this area for two reasons:
  • Based on the current position of Florence, it could be reached by the hurricane by about this time next week. Other areas would take longer which means you have more time to act.
  • The hurricane forecast models are trending toward the Southeast at elevated risk.

So, if you have been saying, 
  • "We really need to get a generator" because you live in an area with above-ground lines and lots of trees, or you must keep medicines chilled, or want the peace-of-mind, you may wish to consider acting now.
  • Or, you have an infirm relative or friend who would need special care.
  • Or, you have a healthy relative or friend who lives in a retirement home or other area which does not have generator power or generator power only for critical systems...
In those circumstances, now is the time to consider taking action.

If you decide to get a generator, make sure you hire a qualified electrician or, if it is a portable generator, you follow the instructions to the letter.

Additional information: Now is the time to trim trees around your home and property!
(Hat Tip: Nate Johnson and others)

Below is the 5pm map from the National Hurricane Center which shows the earliest time tropical storm force winds (40 mph sustained winds or higher) could reach the coast.
The bottom line is that Wednesday would be the earliest and that is a stretch. Again, this is to give you information for generalized planning purposes. 

For more information (that I have reviewed for reliability) please follow me on Twitter @usweatherexpert.


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