Whenever I Think Global Warming People Can't Get More Crazy

How did they come to this conclusion? The same way global warming advocates come to every conclusion. A computer model, of course.
The researchers used a wealth of data gathered over 100 years to build mathematical models to trace the causes of the wobble and found that three factors are at play, and mankind is responsible for one of them.

And, what are we responsible for? You guessed it.
The third and final factor identified by the scientists is the massive loss of ice on Greenland and other areas, which is the direct result of global warming thanks to human activities.

If we had geostationary satellites observing the earth's motions for the last 100-200+ years then we would have something to talk about. We would also have something to talk about if they bothered to rank the size of the human influence which I suspect is much smaller than the other two. But, revealing that would be counter to the global warming narrative.

So, here is my suggestion: Let's figure out the exact right moment and have everyone jump up and down and stomp on the ground to correct the wobble. If that doesn't work we could try the Hokey Pokey.


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