Could They At Least Wait For the Hurricane To End Before the Global Warming Vultures Sweep In??

Five days ago, I wrote the post below:
Last night Big Climate began its campaign. Climate Central (inset) claims hurricanes are more frequent (among other things).
Here are the facts.
The long term trend is DOWN!! The above graphic (click to enlarge) is the raw data so you can see for yourself.

Even more than the bad science, I object to the 
ghoulishness of this. 

There are people evacuating and worried sick about their families and homes. There are meteorologists working very long hours, some of whom may not see their families for weeks (thank you NWS employees deploying from across the nation to the hurricane zone!). Emergency managers and even politicians are sticking their necks out to make difficult decisions to try to keep people safe.

Yet, Big Climate cannot even have the decency to wait until the storm is over to put out its propaganda. Please stop!


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