Could We PLEASE Stop With the Global Warming Nonsense?! XXII

I don't know how these folks got my email address (I certainly did not sign up). They disturbed my Sunday afternoon with more climate nonsense. I don't get it.
First, it is PRESIDENT Trump whether one likes him or his politics. Besides, I strongly suspect any President of the United States has much better things to do than worry about the umpteenth group pushing the catastrophic global warming agenda. Yet again, this tells us that global warming is a political, rather than scientific, concern. Strike one.

Even though I thought the video was likely to be another silly global warming appeal, I decided to watch it (with an open mind!) because I want to hear both sides.

They didn't get 20 seconds into the video when they made two major errors in facts.
  • Even when China and South Korea, for example, were poor nations they had great weather/climate monitoring networks. South Korea actually has better infrastructure than the United States (sadly). Are there areas where weather/climate are poorly monitored? Absolutely, but the problem isn't as they present. Strike two.
  • Another point they make is that "small countries cannot afford satellites." So? The large nations like the United States are more than willing to let smaller nations tag along and use their data for climate purposes. If all 200+ members of the United Nations had their own satellites it would just contribute to the "space junk" problem. 
  • There is no evidence "small communities" are at greater risk due to global warming than large cities. If the warmists are correct, Miami is certainly at risk as are many other major coastal cities. While the item below is ridiculous, the size of the city does not matter. Strike three.

It is so frustrating that those advocating for the catastrophic global warming agenda cannot even bother to get the most basic facts and courtesies correct. As I posted last week, as a group they don't even bother to check for basic consistency any more (check this!). It is all about politics.  

It could be that global warming is a catastrophic threat (it is a mild threat, when the good and bad aspects are netted out) but the advocates, sadly, have abandoned science. 


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