11:10pm Monday, Hurricane Florence Update

Below is the National Hurricane Center's 11pm Forecast. The dark brown is the diameter of hurricane force winds. Amber is tropical storm force winds. Note that is nearly 200 mi. across. The eye of the storm is forecast to go ashore
between the arrows. Note the rapid deceleration after the storm moves inland. If that forecast is correct, Florence will be position to cause torrential rains leading to catastrophic flooding. It is certainly possible that some location may have 30 or more inches of rain. This would cause record flooding leading to areas flooding that have never flooded before.

AccuWeather makes some very good points.
Right now, Florence is forecast to be an upper category 4 but being a 5 is not completely out of the question. I really like the comparison to the 2015 flooding -- only this may be worse.

In the interest of full disclosure, the storm weakened slightly in the last six hours. I'm not sure why. I believe it will regain Cat 4 intensity and be a major hurricane at landfall (I would love to be wrong).

Scroll down and you will find a checklist to print out if you have not finished your precautions.

I'll be back with you in the morning.


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