3:45pm EDT Thursday, Hurricane Florence Update

Here is Hurricane Florence as of 3:43pm EDT. Unfortunately, the storm continues to look quite healthy on radar and may even have strengthened a bit since this morning. Wind gusts of 100 mph are now possible from Beaumont to Oracoke and speeds will gradually rise. Power poles have already fallen in Beaumont.

A NOAA buoy off the coast measured 28' waves 35 minutes ago. Even higher waves are likely before this is all over. Impressive waves are already making to the coast.

Previous forecasts look very good at this point. However, I still want to run things down for you. 

Storm Surge
NOAA and Capital Weather Gang
Remember: Waves are on top of the storm surge. Deadly. There is no other word.

Flood Threat:
Here is the latest rainfall forecast from now until Sunday evening.
As we have been forecasting all week, there likely will be catastrophic flooding over much of North Carolina as well as northeast South Carolina. Please do not underestimate the threat. It is nearly certain some areas will flood that have never flooded before.

Wind Threat
Nearly 100% of homes will lose power in the brown, light gray and pink areas (70+mph). Some will lose power for weeks. Power failures and damage could also be caused by tornadoes.
The threat of tornadoes will exist in eastern North Carolina through tomorrow evening.


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