Quick Update on Hurricane Florence

It is amazing how much Hurricane Florence has changed in just the past 90 minutes.
There is now a well-defined eye with thunderstorms rapidly developing around it. There is what meteorologists call "difluence" -- both signs of a rapidly strengthening hurricane. It is moving over and toward warmer water, which is also an ingredient for strengthening. I believe rapid strengthening  has begun.

The National Hurricane Center just released its 11pm EDT package of information. It is forecasting sustained winds of 140 mph, with even stronger gusts, at landfall. That would be rare Category 4 hurricane at landfall. It is also going to be a large hurricane -- meaning the diameter of damaging winds will be large.

Here is their 11pm track map. M= major hurricane (≥ Cat 3), H = hurricane, S = tropical storm.
As I showed on my morning wind map, I think the chances of a the eye taking a path to the southwest of Interstate 26 in South Carolina are relatively low compared to the rest of the white-bordered area. Otherwise, I agree with their forecast.

Please scroll down to read important, life-saving information. 

I will be updating tomorrow. Please check back!


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