Sunday Fun: When You Meet A Kansan DON'T Mention the "Wizard of Oz"

When you meet a Kansan for the first time here's a hint: People from Kansas are tired of Wizard of Oz references and this comic from Tuesday doesn't help. The worst is "there's no place like home."
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On this topic, the worst offenders are people from DC and NYC who don't know what else to say. In addition to Wizard of Oz references, I have really been asked -- really -- if we have paved streets. And, I have been asked that on more than occasion.

Referring to Baby Blues above, there is a lot of color in Kansas. Take a look at the photos of the Flint Hills and, for contrast, the Jerusalem Rocks.

So, as a public service: there are many things to talk about when you first meet someone from Kansas: Dwight Eisenhower, KC Chiefs, KC Royals, Learjets, NASCAR, Flint Hills, 737's (made in Wichita), Wyatt Earp, Dodge City, et cetera.
While Kansas is #4 on the list of tornadoes (behind Texas, Oklahoma and Florida), we don't mind talking about those as long as you know we don't spend the spring cowering in storm cellars. In fact 99% of us don't have storm cellars -- we use the basement or a closet for sheltering.

Come and visit sometime. We'd love to have you.


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