Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Two Dead in Kansas Flooding

Tragedy has struck again; this time in my home state of Kansas last night. Yet again, a car has been swept off the road in flash flooding and two died.

By far, the #1 cause of deaths in flash floods is automobiles.

"Apparently what happened, they hit the high water, the vehicle probably stalled. It was found in park with the engine shut off and, we believe, high water came and just swept the vehicle off in a high ditch," Dierks said.

It happens over and over, people who are safe one minute make the fatal decision to drive into a flooded area and are swept away to their deaths. Or, emergency response personnel risk their lives to make a swift water rescue.

When driving, you do not know if the roadway has been washed away when flash flooding is in progress as this photo from Twitter reveals.

And, from KOCO-TV's helicopter:
Can you imagine what would have happened to any driver who drove into that rapidly flowing stream without knowing the road beneath was gone?
Don't Risk It:
Please, please, please: "Turn around, don't drown."

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