To My Readers From a Catholic

The news pertaining to the Catholic Church the last few weeks is beyond sickening. I don’t believe my vocabulary is adequate to express my revulsion. 

The Catholic Church is a divine institution run by humans. We “cradle Catholics” were educated to believe the leaders of the Church were chosen because of their holiness and devotion to helping their flock attain Salvation by striving to live lives worthy of Christ. 

The faithful now know we have been betrayed in the most evil possible way. And, we have learned it wasn’t a few rogue priests or that the press has been libeling the Church (as the Church’s leadership wanted us to believe) but that the rot exists throughout. Even Pope Francis doesn’t seem to fully grasp or want to grasp the seriousness of the problem both in the United States and internationally.

There are far too many -- to this day -- in positions of leadership in the Church who seem to think if they ignore the problem it will go away. My diocesan newspaper, The Catholic Advance, has a "latest news" column. Not a word.

I am also disappointed by priests on social media writing truisms this morning such as, “holiness is the answer.” While that is ultimately true, it is not nearly sufficient. To any priest or bishop or cardinal who might be reading this: If you are aware of any member of the clergy who has or is engaged in these activities and you have not called in law enforcement, you are acquiescing in evil!

I call on every priest and every bishop this Sunday to condemn these gravest of sins, beg our Lord to forgive the Church, and pray to give the good members of the clergy the strength and courage to do what is right in the eyes of Christ. I also ask them to consider that their vow of obedience must be obedient to Christ above all else. If they know of “hush orders” or any such obstruction of justice they must go to law enforcement. This must not and can not continue. 

While Catholics do not believe one has to be Catholic in order to attain heaven, we do believe that Christ founded the Church to make the often challenging path to Heaven easier to follow. I still believe that to be true with all of my mind, heart and soul. But, I also know it must be extraordinarily difficult for those outside the Church to see at this time. As a member of the Church, I'm so sorry that is the case. 

To those who may happen to be considering conversation to Catholicism, please continue your study and prayers. 

I will have more to say on this subject
 as events unfold. 


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