A Major Step Forward in Public Health: Forecasts Of Disease

A new way to stay healthy!

Exclusive Preview For Our Readers

The last few weeks have seen headline after headline regarding public health and medical issues across our nation. The items below are a small sampling. And, every one of them is from the last two weeks.

Again, these are just in the last two weeks. 

And, a growing concern:

Keeping yourself, your family, and your coworkers healthy and safe has never been more important. After all, the best way to keep healthcare costs down is with prevention.

Since 2010, Ascel Bio has been taking peer-reviewed science, developing models, and creating ways to, -- for the first time in human history -- forecast the relative risk of disease. Ascel is forecast the risk of disease in much the same way as meteorologists forecast the risk of tornadoes or hurricanes. 

I an investor in the company and am proud of our new site:

Its purpose is to alert you when there is a heightened risk of contracting one of four groups of diseases enabling you to take appropriate precautions. Below is the current forecast for a group of food and water-borne diseases. The forecasts are updated approximately weekly.
The colors are the relative risks and the dots are a rough estimate of the cases per million population. For example, the forecast above is showing a high to very high risk in Missouri, was posted a few days 
before news of the Missouri salmonella outbreak became known. The forecasts have been carefully validated before the website was created.  

Once you view the forecasts, to make taking precautions easier, we have created a link that automatically takes you to your Amazon account to shop for items specifically chosen by our clinical experts. For example, suppose you are taking your family hiking in an area with a high risk of mosquito-borne illness. You would pick products to keep your family save from that risk by choosing the button below (it is live, you can shop now).
Below is our "Magazine" section (more of a blog, really) with articles written by our experts to help you prevent and treat disease.

And, below that, our international disease risk section (which will be tweaked before the official launch).

So, that's it. We'd like your comments and feedback. You may email me here.

I'll post again when the site goes fully live. I hope you are excited by this new way to keep yourself, your family, and your coworkers healthy.


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