Climate Silliness -- As Only the New York Times Can Do It

The New York Times has published a piece of climate fluff regarding the recent tornadoes in New York City and New England. The article is here.

The two scientists the author consulted did not provide support for the author's hypothesis but that didn't stop her from writing the article or the Times from publishing it.

Let's look at the facts. Here are world temperatures since the 1880's.
Current temperatures are circled. I've placed an arrow at 1953's temperatures, which I will come back to. Please note that temperatures are significantly warmer now than they were in the 1950's.

Yet, as temperatures have risen, the number of significant tornadoes is strongly down.
So, if anything, warmer temperatures means fewer strong tornadoes across the country. 

The worst tornado outbreak in New England history occurred in June of 1953.
The Worcester tornado, which was on the ground for 48 miles, killed 94. Six more died that day elsewhere in New England from other tornadoes. Is there any doubt that if this occurred today it would be blamed on global warming?? Note that this tornado outbreak occurred with global temperatures much cooler than they are today.

This is inaccurate climate advocacy published as news. It is highly unfortunate.


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