Saturday, December 12, 2015

Forecast Update: Blizzard Conditions Sunday in Plains!

Usually, when a blizzard occurs, people get days of notice from the media. Sunday, however, there will be blizzard conditions over a small geographic area. Because of the fast-developing nature of the threat, I am going to provide a detailed outlook for this storm on the blog. [If you aren't interested in the Central U.S., please skip to a post below.]
8am Sunday
At sunrise tomorrow, the snow will be developing over Colorado and northeast New Mexico. It will spread rapidly northeast.

1pm Sunday

5pm Sunday

9pm Sunday
In the areas where I have labeled "blizzard" there will be areas with very, very heavy falling snow, drifting snow, and visibility down to about 500 feet. 

Here is the total amount of forecast snow. Not all of it will stick due to warm ground temperatures.
In some spots, there will be accumulations of around 15 inches. Combined with the wind gusts and drifts, travel will be severely affected. I-70 and US 54 and US 400 could be closed.

If you live in one of these areas, please make sure you are prepared to be cut-off for a day or two.

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