2pm Blizzard Update

Here is the AccuWeather Regional Radar as of 1:55pm CST. Snow continues to move northeast into Kansas and out of New Mexico. At Boise City, Oklahoma (western Panhandle), AccuWeather's Reed Timmer reports the power is flickering.

Here is the forecast radar for 6pm:

And, the forecast radar for 10pm.

Here is the forecast for additional snowfall with the brightest pinks in southwest Kansas in the 8 to 12 range.

However, both conventional and Kansas Mesonetwork weather stations reveal winds are gusting above  50 mph so the drifting may be so severe it will be difficult to tell how much actually fell. As if that wasn't challenge enough, the lightning network has sensed cloud-to-ground lightning from time to time in southwest Kansas which means.

Because the ground had been very warm, it is exceptionally difficult to forecast how much is going to accumulate. That said, please factor this forecast into your travel plans as travel in the blizzard area will be difficult to impossible at times.


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