Little Change in Forecast Now Until Christmas

If you will scroll down, you'll see an outlook for the period now until Christmas. I don't see much change in that outlook. Very wet conditions from San Francisco and the Sierra north to Vancouver.
Immediately below is the NWS precipitation amount forecast from now until Christmas Eve.

Starting the Day After Christmas

A low pressure system in the upper atmosphere is forecast to move across the Southwest toward the Southern Plains.
Noon Saturday, 26th

Noon Sunday, 27th
Extremely heavy rain is possible from the Ozarks and the Ohio Valley to the Gulf -- exactly location impossible to pinpoint.

In addition, very heavy snow is also possible in the Plains but I don't know where yet.

So, you ask reasonably, what is the purpose of posting this now? I do this to make sure you know that you need to pay attention to the weather and be ready to modify your plans when I let you know that I am confident in the forecast.


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