Overnight Storm Summary

After the major tornado damage in the DFW Metroplex area, they do not have to worry about a tornado the rest of the night.

I am concerned there is a slight chance of a tornado after midnight in the Texas Hill Country, including Austin and San Antonio. Below is the forecast radar for 2am CST.

Here is the forecast radar for 8am Sunday.
There will be a break in the precipitation in Kansas and the northwest Panhandles area due to some dry air. The "L" in southern New Mexico is the low in the upper atmosphere. As the low moves ENE and then NE, the dry air will be overcome and the precipitation will resume in the central Plains.

Regardless, note the freezing rain in western Oklahoma. There is a high likelihood of power failures in Oklahoma due to the high winds and ice accumulation.


  1. Mike, any thoughts on if and when road conditions will deteriorate between Wichita and KC? We have tickets for the Chiefs game and don't feel it worth the risk if the drive back is going to be in a sleet/ice storm.

  2. Sorry, did not see your comment in time.


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