Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tornado and Flooding Risk

I would have preferred to keep the 10,000 blog posting at the top of the blog all day but Mother Nature dictates otherwise. We have a potentially dangerous weather pattern in progress.

First, today's tornado threat:
Brown is the significant threshold as far northeast at Fayetteville with an enhanced risk of tornadoes (yellow) from southeast Oklahoma through the DFW Metroplex to Waco and Austin. There was a damaging tornado in Birmingham yesterday and this airmass will spin up tornadoes even though it is the very end of the year.

There is also a very dangerous flooding threat, especially given post-holiday traffic.
This map shows the rainfall from now through Monday night. River flooding will continue for several days after the rains cease.

The latest radar reveals the rains have started in that region.
If you have to travel through this area today, slow down. Roads will have ponding and will be hazardous. Tomorrow, I would advice against traveling on anything but major roads (i.e., I-40, I-49) if you are not familiar with the area. Sunday night, stay off the roads altogether as flooding will become widespread during the darkness.

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