Blizzard in Great Plains

Unfortunately, the developing blizzard in the Great Plains is still on track. The winds at Garden City, in southwest Kansas, are gusting to 55 mph.

At 9:45am, AccuWeather Regional Radar shows a large area of snow over New Mexico, Colorado
and Texas that will move northeast and intensity. Very heavy snow is reported at Clayton (far northeast New Mexico) with the visibility less than 1/4 mile.

Courtesy of Dr. Ryan Maue, here is the forecast radar for 6pm this evening. The dark blue is areas of  
very heavy falling snow.

Here is the AccuWeather and my forecast for snow amounts. Please note that there could be some
isolated amounts up to 15 inches from southwest Kansas and the Oklahoma Panhandle. Combined with the high winds, travel will be very difficult to dangerous. I expect roads to be closed by this evening. 


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