Monday, July 28, 2014

Thanks Meteorologists!

From today's USA Today:

"We've seen this happen all over the state of Tennessee over the years," Ray said, "You hardly ever see destruction this bad without somebody being killed. We're thankful, thankful to God that we didn't get hit, injured or killed."

Hmmm. Wonder why there were no deaths?

Ray said his family took shelter in their basement as the powerful weather moved through the area. When he walked out, his roof was gone.

I suspect the reason Mr. Ray and his family were in the basement because they had been trained to do so by meteorologists over the years and because of the tornado warning that was in effect on that storm.

Yes, good luck plays a role. But, so do storm warnings and storm education. In addition to the information on this blog, there were many meteorologists doing outstanding work yesterday. Even with tornadoes from Massachusetts to Tennessee, not a single death. That isn't coincidence. That is the storm warning system doing what it is designed to do.

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