Big Climate: It Is 'For the Children'

In the summer heat of Washington, D.C., Big Climate is going to stage another global warming stunt Wednesday:

The “Play-In for Climate Action” will support the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed first-ever standards cutting carbon pollution from existing power plants, and offer a counterpoint to some in Congress seeking to block the EPA’s major climate initiative. The play-in is organized by Moms Clean Air Force, the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, Climate Parents, Healthy Child Healthy World, and The Mothers Project United for Sustainability.

Parents and children from across the United States.  Those invited for the news conference include:  Sens. Barbara Boxer, D-CA., and Sheldon Whitehouse, D-RI.

“Play-In” featuring kids’ activities, a news conference, and a march to the nearby Senate office buildings, with stops expected at 40 U.S. Senate offices.

10 a.m. – noon Eastern, Wednesday, July 9, 2014.
o 10:15-11:00 – Kids activities: protest sign making; parachutes and balls; yoga and music
o 11:00-11:30 – Press conference

o 11:30-12:00 – March to Senate offices

Of course, the kids will be sweating from playing in the D.C. heat and humidity and reporters will capture the sweaty kids having made their "protest signs." Undoubtedly, the children will be coached with soundbites for the reporters. And, all of this will be staged in a way to make it look spontaneous.

It is Big Climate that has the money for these things, not the skeptics.

Keep all of this in mind when you see coverage of this event.


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