Drought Update

Here is the latest amount of rain, in addition to normal rainfall, needed to break the drought.

And, seven inches of rain are forecast in the drought area over the next five days.


  1. What time did that 56° temperature occur.

  2. It was at 5 AM according to their hourly data and my car thermometer read 57 deg at 6 AM.

  3. Do you keep tract of the hourly/dailly highs and lows?

  4. Mike,

    Do you know for sure that daily lows are usually taken at around 5-7 AM the day after the recorded date. If you look at todays forecast low it shows 59 deg. However if you look at the hourly forecasts, you don't see 59 deg until 7 AM tomorrow morning. The hourly reading for 7 AM today (the lowest reading) is 61 deg. What gives?

  5. Don,

    I do not keep track of the highs and lows nor does anyone in AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions in Wichita. That is done by AccuWeather in State College, PA which runs Accuweather.com. Please contact our team at: CustomerService@AccuWeather

    If there is an error in the algorithm, we'd like to know it!


  6. Thanks Mike for your reply.

    It getting more confusing. Yesterday they show a high of 93 deg.


  7. Mike,

    Almanc is showing yesterdays high at 76 which seems more likely.


  8. Don, please forward this to customer service. Thank you.


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