Two and a Half Storms

Let's start in the West:
Pink is a winter storm warning for snow. Blue is a traveler's advisory for snow. The deep green (Utah and Colorado) is a winter storm watch. Browns are high wind warnings (without precipitation). The deep blue is a hard freeze warning.

In the East, there is the ongoing storm and a new storm expected to form Sunday night through Monday night.
The deep purple is the ongoing ice storm warning. State of emergency continues in metro Memphis. The pink is a winter storm warning for ice or snow (generally the latter north of the Ohio River). The green are flood warnings.

The deep green (NC to MD) is a winter storm watch for late Sunday into Monday night (depending on location) for another ice storm.

So, please continue to keep up with the weather and I will update the blog as the storms unfold.


  1. Unlike the Thanksgiving Day Travelgeddon over-hype, this cold outbreak and associated winter precipitation event deserves all the coverage it is receiving. Keep up the good work!


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