"State of Emergency"

State of emergency has been declared in Tennessee. Accidents now reported all over Arkansas. Addition at 3:25pm, State of emergency declared in Oklahoma. Update: 4:19pm: State of emergency in Arkansas. 
Sperry-Piltz Index    
The black is a forecast of catastrophic ice storm conditions. Here is the index (below):
Note that it says, "shelters needed" because of the forecast damage to the electrical transmission system. If you have friends in this region, please make sure they need to prepare. Preparation advice is here.

I just checked and power outages in Arkansas are not too serious, yet. Please heed the preparatory advice before power is lost. If you have friends in the area, please make sure they are aware of the advice and follow it. 

Finally, here is the AccuWeather Regional Radar at 2:33pm CST. Purples are ice.

UPDATE 3:08pm: The storm is really starting to take hold. In the last half hour numerous reports of serious auto accidents and ice now being reported in the far west and north parts of the DFW Metroplex. This is a dangerous storm -- please do not underestimate it.

3:18pm: NWS update:
Deep purple is an ice storm warning where power failures and early impassible highways are expected. The light purple in southern Arkansas is a freezing rain advisory for travelers due to slippery roads.
The pink is a a winter storm warning for ice or heavy snow. Blue is a winter weather advisory, a lesser condition than a warning. Green is a flood watch.

3:43pm: Robin Lorenson is covering the storm live. Click here.


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