Climate Scientists: Moving The Goalposts -- Again

For years, we have been hearing that a greenhouse gas rise of 2°C would not cause the earth problems. Regardless of the accuracy of that opinion, even a 2° rise does not seem to be an issue anytime soon because the last 15 years' temperatures have flattened:
Well, you can't keep generating billions of dollars to go into global warming research if there is no global warming crisis, right?

So, as temperatures, contrary to all predictions, stay flat, all of the sudden a two degree rise is no longer acceptable.
Ever since the 2009 climate talks in Copenhagen, world leaders have agreed on 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees F) as the maximum acceptable global warming above preindustrial levels to avert the worst impacts of climate change (today we're at about 0.8 degrees C). But a new study, led by climatologist James Hansen of Columbia University, argues that pollution plans aimed at that target would still result in "disastrous consequences," from rampant sea level rise to widespread extinction.
Of course, it was Dr. Hansen -- after they turned off the air conditioning and opened the windows on a sweltering July day in a Washington, D.C. hearing room -- that brought global warming to the media's attention. 
He made the above forecasts (green, blue and purple lines). The green (Scenario A) was "business as usual" (continued acceleration of greenhouse gas emissions) and the most 'optimistic' (Scenario C). The black line is the actual temperatures as determined by Hansen's own formula (GISS temp.). As you can see current temperatures, are well below A and B (green and blue lines) which best describe current CO2 levels and tie or are just below Scenario C.

Scenario C assumed:

“scenario C assumes a rapid curtailment of trace gas emissions such that the net climate forcing ceases to increase after the year 2000."

Of course, there has been no curtailment. Carbon dioxide has not only increased (see below), it has been at a bit faster rate in recent years:
In spite of Dr. Hansen and the IPCC's forecasts, the atmosphere has stubbornly refused to comply. Yet, just this morning, Dr. Hansen was quoted as saying the climate has been under "humanity's control."
That is news to this atmospheric scientist.

Then, Dr. Hansen goes on to compare global warming to slavery!

One would think the lack of rising temperatures would be cause to celebrate and for climate 'scientists' to rethink their overheated rhetoric. Instead they turn it up to boil. Really, slavery?!

The global warming 'crisis' seems to have abated. But, global warming activists and those riding the $165,000,000,000 global warming gravy train can't, or won't, accept good news for an answer. 

Addition: 11:45am. This post has been up just ten minutes and I already need to add to it. We now have another "tipping point"!
Please refer to my past posting, "Tipsy from Tipping Points." Since 1989 (yes, 24 years ago), we've passed one tipping point after another with no irrevocable harm. Doesn't anyone in the catastrophic global warming camp realize how silly this looks?


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