Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Government's Ridiculous EAS System

Is there anything more ridiculous than the government's Emergency Alert System (EAS)? It is supposed to tell us if there is important weather or news. But, broadcasters already do that.

Last night, we had lots of damage from thunderstorms in south central Kansas. But, the KWCH-TV coverage of the storm got cut off by the "required weekly EAS test." The audio was cut and the EAS crawl visually overwhelmed the important storm warning at the bottom of the screen.

But, we need it in a national crisis, right? It was not activated on September 11. Do you really believe Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS, won't cover a story bigger than September 11??

Our federal government has huge deficits. Let's start by cutting this.


  1. What about NOAA Weather Radio? Doesn't it rely on the EAS to send out alerts for watches and warnings?

  2. No, NWR and EAS are completely separate systems.

  3. I'm glad someone else noticed this and thought it was ridiculous.

  4. I work at a radio station and I've been cut off live on the air trying to announce a tornado warning by the EAS system giving a "warning".


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