Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Let's Focus on the Really Big Threats

With all of the global warming, NSA, TSA nonsense going in Washington, as usual, our government is focused on the wrong things. Rather than spending money on re-re-determining men get killed by lightning more often than women, let's focus on the huge threats for which we need government coordination:

Pry, Cooper, and former CIA Director James Woolsey have been recently demanding that Washington prepare the nation's electric grid for an EMP, either from the sun or an enemy's nuclear bomb. They want the 2,000-3,000 transformers in the grid protected with a high-tech metal box and spares ready to rebuild the system. Woolsey said knocking out just 20 would shut down electricity to parts of the nation "for a long time."
But Washington is giving them the cold shoulder, especially the administration. Woolsey told Secrets that some in Congress are interested in the issue, but the administration is just in the "beginnings" of paying attention.

Just two weeks ago, we had a dangerous "near miss."

Imagine living in 1880 without the 1880's infrastructure: Horses, grain milled by a stream-driven mill, no modern medicines, etc. That is what we would have to deal with -- for months -- if this occurs.

Have you written your elected representatives? I have.

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