Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Downburst on South Side of DFW

Like father, like son! My son, Richard, took this photograph from Southlake looking southeast toward DFW International Airport. I have used yellow arrows to show the wind flow.

The illustration below shows the wind flow in the downburst:

On the Dallas Terminal Doppler Weather Radar, you can see (again with yellow arrows) the wind flow on the south side of the airport. The time is 5:38pm.
At one time, downbursts were the #1 cause of commercial airline accidents. Meteorologists have "tamed" them and the last crash of this nature was 19 years ago.

Thanks, Richard!

Addition: There are now a number of flights delayed as a result of the downburst. Here is what the regular ("reflectivity") radar data looked like.

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