Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Airlines in 2013

I'm on my way to NYC on business and I am scheduled to change planes in Chicago.  I requested a reroute because, by the time my flight is in the area, Chicago will have thunderstorms. Those will continue intermittently through the afternoon when I am scheduled to leave for NYC. My theory was that it is both in my and the airlines' interest to have one less passenger they may have to deal with if there are cancellations, etc.

I was told they could not re-route me because there are no delays "yet." I showed her the radar and she agreed but there is "nothing she could do" (by the way, she was very polite).

It is just amazing to me that in this era of advanced meteorology, the airlines continue to work under 1980's meteorological assumptions. Being proactive could cut their costs as well as make passengers happier.
LOTS of thunderstorms headed for Chicago

Update 3:33pm. Here is what the delays in Chicago look like now:
They have already cancelled one flight to LGA and are trying to get people other flights but they have already said some won't get out today. If they had re-routed me, I would be in NYC now. And, they would have had another seat for one of the people on the cancelled flight. And, two happier customers.

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