Can't Global Warming Protesters Read a Weather Forecast?

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Less than a week ago, I wrote an item noting yet another global warming protest that littered the area with plastic water bottles and occurred on a cold day. Yesterday, there was another global warming protest with wind chills below 20°. As recently as Friday, the high in Washington was 60°.

Do we really want to follow the climatological advice of people who can't seem to read a weather forecast?

They can't read a weather forecast and I can't spell, since corrected.


  1. Mike, I appreciate your short-term weather forecasts and commentaries. But las I'm sure you're aware, a few very cold, very wet, or very hot days have little connection to long-term shifts in global climate patterns.

  2. Dan: Tell that to the global warming people, not me.

    Hurricane Sandy: Caused by global warming.

    Blizzard of '13: Caused by global warming.

    Drought of '11-'12: Caused by global warming.

    Tornadoes of '11: Caused by global warming.

    If it is fair for the pro-global warming people to cite individual storms as caused by global warming then it is fair to me to mock them for their choice of protest days. Look up the phrase, "Hoist by His Own Petard."

    Thank you for the comment.



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