The Power Failure in the Southwest

There is a huge power failure tonight affecting far southwest Arizona, southern California (not the city of L.A.), and Baja California. Details here.

About an hour ago, I was answering a journalist's question about disaster preparedness. I reiterated my advice to keep your car's gas tank at least half full, have a long extension cord, and purchase an inexpensive power inverter that can be used to charge a cell phone, run small appliances (or your 'fridge for intervals to keep things cool if the door is closed), etc. It is not as good as a generator, but it is a lot less expensive and less trouble.

I have two of them (one for my wife's car and one for mine).


  1. Until I read your book, I hadn't thought too much about disaster preparedness. I live in a usually "weather benign" area, Central PA, LOL. However, after Irene brushed pretty close and I looked at your 'Lee' rainfall maps of Central PA several days ago and Katia was swirling up up the east coast, I decided it was time to get the car filled up, buy that power inverter and get a NOAA info radio. I am so glad that I did, as it has helped me keep up with the river towns my family live in - Williamsport and Sunbury - as well as my own town of Lewisburg. So, thank you very much for your book and sound advice.

  2. Lyn,


    Thank you for the feedback.

    Stay dry and safe.



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