"I'll Believe Global Warming is a Crisis When the People Telling Me It's a Crisis Start Acting Like It's a Crisis"

Gov. Deval Patrick, 2008, from a press release issued in his name:

Governor Deval Patrick has signed two important bills further positioning Massachusetts as a leader in clean energy and environmental stewardship: the Green Jobs Act, which will support development of the clean energy technology industry that will move Massachusetts toward the green economy of the future, and the Global Warming Solutions Act, which will make Massachusetts a national leader in climate protection.

Gov. Deval Patrick, May 4, 2011, proclaims Sept. 18-24, "Car Free Week" and urges people to walk to work.

Gov. Deval Patrick during "Car Free Week" earlier today:
Click to enlarge. Story from CBS Boston (at link above)

The title of this posting is shamelessly stolen from Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.


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