From a "Warnings" Reader in Lodi, New Jersey

When I got home from work yesterday evening, there was a note in my mail that I wanted to share with you:

Dear Mr. Smith,

I won your book "Warnings" in a Twitter contest earlier this summer. To say that I was less than thrilled when I saw it would be an understatement.

Uh, oh, I thought. An unhappy reader. I jumped to an incorrect conclusion.

However, I decided it would be an appropriate read for the weekend of Hurricane Irene's predicted destruction. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself absolutely riveted from the first page. 

I still cannot get over the fact that weather forecasting has improved so dramatically in just the last few decades. My generation takes this technology for granted and it was quite humbling to read the stories of how those before us suffered in order for progress to be made.  

Which leads me to thanking you for your contribution to this...

I have a new appreciation for meteorologists and no longer view them as undeservedly overpaid workers when their forecasts are inaccurate.



No, Maria, thank you! Reading your letter made my week.


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