"What We Have is a Faulty Distribution System"

A friend of mine used to wryly say, "There is plenty of rain. What we have is a faulty distribution system." Truer words were never spoken when looking at today's meteorological data.

Remains of T.S. Lee

Serious flooding expected in the areas of heavier rains.


The rain that is occurring just one state to the east would be a godsend. As a result of one of the worst droughts ever, fires have been raking the state the last few months

More from the Austin American-Statesman. 


Because of the drought, an outbreak of black widow spiders.


  1. Mike, we had a black widow here in Wichita when the AC guy went to take the cover off the outside unit. Scary stuff

  2. Also, per latest SPC outlook, there's a seriously elevated tornado threat (15%, but NOT hatched) in AL and GA today due to the remnants of TS Lee -- right over or very close to the area that got hit by the Dixie Outbreak in April.


  3. Thanks, Elaine. Great minds think alike. As you were writing your comment, I was doing a separate post on the tornado risk. See above.


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