The "Gore Effect" Strikes Again

Four postings down, I resist the temptation to make fun of Al Gore. No such resistance this evening. We are just tens of minutes away from the moment when citizens all over the world begin hearing from him, "24 times in 24 time zones."

In the past, I have written about The Gore Effect: so well known it gets its own listing in many dictionaries (click here for just one example). TGE means colder than average temperatures will occur in the areas wherever and whenever Gore is speaking.

Just in time for the "Gore-a-Thon" are two nights of much colder than average temperatures across the U.S. as the first Arctic air mass of the season makes its way south.

Tonight's Low Temperatures

Thursday Night's Low Temperatures

There is little doubt that Gore and his PR advisors picked this date because it is just past the height of hurricane season. Turns out The Gore Effect apparently works for hurricanes because Tropical Storm Maria is not threatening anything and the remainder of the tropics are quieter than usual.

So, for the most part, U.S. meteorologists can rest easy. And, they have Al Gore to thank for bringing more tranquil than average weather to the U.S.

Hat tip: Anthony Watts

UPDATE: 5:56PM.  Climate scientist Dr. Judy Curry says,

If the intent of Al Gore’s telethon is to garner broad support for climate and energy policies such as proposed by the UNFCCC (e.g. the Kyoto protocol), I anticipate that this effort will backfire and energize the opposition to such policies.  As a scientist I find the mantra “remove the doubt, reveal the deniers” to be objectionable and antithetical to the scientific process. 

Her full posting on the subject is here.


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