Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Warnings" in China

No, this is not a posting about foreign relations.

The three photos below were taken by my nieces and nephew Jennifer, Katie, and Andrew Vogliardo on their recent trip to China.

Jennifer at The Great Wall reading a great book. 

Andrew wondering how a book could be so well written.

Katie showing off a book of Olympic proportions
Jennifer is working with Disney in China tutoring English. Her brother and sister went over to visit.

Many thanks and glad you had a great trip!

Note: Not too late to give Warnings either in hardcover or Kindle for Father's Day. Warnings is the uplifting and inspiring story (completely non-technical) of scientists beating the odds to save lives. It has been compared to The Right Stuff by one national reviewer. It has a *****-rating at Amazon and the reader reviews are here.

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