Hurricane Activity at Historic Low Levels

Remember after Katrina how the 'global warming' community cried gloom and doom about hurricanes?

There is a new scientific paper out that says worldwide hurricane activity is at historically low levels. Important caveat: Like with arctic ice, "history" is very short -- the amount of time (1970's) that we have had satellite measurements.

That said, here is the gist of the paper's findings:

During the past 6-years since Hurricane Katrina, global tropical cyclone frequency and energy have decreased dramatically, and are currently at near-historical record lows. According to a new peer-reviewed research paper accepted to be published, only 69 tropical storms were observed globally during 2010, the fewest in almost 40-years of reliable records. 

Furthermore, when each storm's intensity and duration were taken into account, the total global tropical cyclone accumulated energy (ACE) was found to have fallen by half to the lowest level since 1977. 

In his new paper, "Recent historically low global tropical cyclone activity", Dr. Ryan Maue, a meteorologist from Florida State University, examined the last 40-years of global hurricane records and found strikingly large variability in both tropical cyclone frequency and energy from year-to-year. Since 2007, global tropical cyclone activity has decreased dramatically and has continued at near-historical low levels. Indeed, only 64 tropical cyclones were observed globally in the 12-months from June 2010 - May 2011, nearly 23-storms below average obliterating the previous record low set in 1977.

More here. It is important to point out that Hurricane Andrew hit during a below average hurricane season -- any given year can spawn an intense hurricane. The point of this posting is that -- as usual -- the global warming doomsayers were wrong. And, if they can't get it right for six years, why should their forecasts out sixty years have any credibility?


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