Pay Attention to the Weather Tomorrow!

As promised, here is the posting regarding the severe weather threat for tomorrow (see below with regard to today):
Moderate risks are infrequent this late in the season. That is impressive enough.

But, take a look at the probabilities,

These are very high numbers for late June. What do they mean? In the 30% area, I expect tornadoes will occur and they may be large tornadoes. In fact, I think tornadoes may occur as far south as the Oklahoma-Kansas border.

Hatching, on this outlook, means hail ≥ 2" in diameter, thunderstorm-associated wind gusts of 75 mph or more, or F-2 or greater tornadoes. We are also getting to the time of year when lightning deaths are most frequent.

Please keep close touch on the weather tomorrow if you live in any of these areas all the way to the East Coast. 


  1. What are your feeings about ornado chances for Manhattan, KS today and tomorrow? We have been pretty lucky in Manhattan this year. I am new to the area from the east coast.

  2. Please see the posting above this.


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