Why I Love Living in Kansas

Wow, the sky this evening is incredible. The problem is, even with a wide lens, I can't begin to capture it all. So, I'll give you a taste. Nearly continuous thunder is occurring as I (safely) sit on my patio composing this blog posting. Here is what the stop looks like from top to bottom (imagine the photos overlapping):

Below is the radar. The storm I am photographing is southeast of Bel Aire. In the photo immediately above, you can see the thunderstorms farther south in the far background. 

Tonight's storm is a feast for the senses. Hearing the thunder. Seeing the roiling changes in lighting and structure (not to mention lightning), feeling the rustle of the wind and changes in temperature. Smelling the rain in the air. 

Me, I'll take this over mountains any time. 


  1. I miss Kansas dearly. I was in Des Moines yesterday, and it took all of my willpower to keep from heading south on I-35. While we do get individual storms in Iowa they are rare. I really miss being able to look out my back door and see beautiful storms on a regular basis (I think I said that already).

    Thanks for the pictures.

  2. I am hoping that if my hubby gets the new job in Emporia, that I see some awesome storms! ( could also be Overland Park) Next week will be interesting! Of course we didn't have any storms when we were in the Kansas side of KC over the Memorial Day weekend. When we lived in Peculiar Missouri we saw some great storms there too, the great big ones that came in from Kansas! Camera is ready and the only problem is trying to sell our house in North Texas. Thanks for sharing those awesome photos!

  3. I love the pics. Thanks for sharing the storm.

  4. For all their destructive potential, supercell thunderstorms are indeed beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pics!



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