Today's Severe Weather Outlook

The red areas are high probabilities of thunderstorm-related damaging winds forecast between now and 7am Sunday morning. The hatching indicates areas where the winds may exceed 75mph.

For the western of the two wind zones, the threat is very late this afternoon and tonight. Here is an experimental forecast of what the radar will look like at 4pm:

Things get more active at 7pm:
The cell predicted in northwest Kansas will likely evolve into a strong wind system.
And, at 9pm, the system over Kansas starts to grow while strong thunderstorms develop in Missouri. The Kansas system may turn into another strong wind producer overnight.

There is a threat for more severe weather on Father's Day (below) as well as Monday and Tuesday (not shown).

In total, heavy rains over the next five days will worsen the flooding situation in many areas. The corn belt continues to see excessive rainfalls that will continue to worsen the quality of the 2011 crops.


  1. Fathers Day, which this year is June 19, is the 19th anniversary of one of the worst Wichita hail storms ever, damaging 10,000 homes in the area in two outbreaks on June 19,1992. I call them the "Yeltsin storms," because the Russian leader of that name had concluded a visit to Wichita just hours before.

  2. Keith, you are correct. At the time, it was the 12th worst hail storm in the history of the United States.

    It is also the anniversary of my infamous appearance in shorts and T-shirt on KSNW TV, Channel 3. WeatherData was still doing the on-air weather for Channel 3 at the time.

    The first of the storms (including a warning for a tornado on the ground in NW Sedgwick Co. that lifted before reaching Wichita) was around 4am. It was Mark Bogner's first day on the air. When the sirens went off, I dashed down K-96 at about 96 mph to get in to assist. Finally, Mark said, "I'll never get my maps done and the show put together" (referring to the 6am regular weathercasts). So, I went on the air in shorts and tee shirt to give Mark time to do the behind-the-scenes preparation.

    Nineteen years later, viewers still remind me of it!

  3. Also the anniversary of the "inland hurricane" that took place in the Wichita area on 19 June 1990. Winds over 100 mph were widespread, as I recall...


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