Saturday, June 18, 2011


From the web site of the Kansas City Star:   That was one wicked storm that wasn't supposed to happen

Here we go again: Blaming meteorologists for being unprepared for a storm that was very well forecast. The severe thunderstorm watch -- for 80 mph winds and 3" hail -- was posted on this web site yesterday evening and widely broadcast throughout the media and social media (I saw dozens of postings about it). 

Posted on this blog at 8:30 yesterday evening. 
The storm caused extensive damage. Stories here and here. Well over 50,000 people lost power.

Now, compare the reports of high winds (60 mph or higher) and large hail (1" in diameter or larger).
White symbol = large hail; amber symbols = destructive winds.
If you compare, you'll see that almost every report was within the severe thunderstorm watch issued 8:20pm and valid until 3am. At the Smith House, we bring in lawn furniture, put the car in the garage, etc., when one of these watches indicates Wichita is threatened. 

Meteorology is far from perfect. That said, we get most all of the major storms right these days. Please respond accordingly. 

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