Friday, April 2, 2010

At Last: A Balanced Story on 'Global Warning'

While there are factual errors in this story (the world is not currently warming, ocean heat content is down, Arctic ice is growing, not shrinking) about the state of climate science, it is a model of fairness and balance and, for that, I salute them.  Remember, reporters are not scientists and so pretty much have to interpret what scientists tell them. Please read the whole thing.

Here are some quotes from the article (which is balanced, not anti-GW) that need to be proclaimed in every media report on the subject:

"Fearmongering is the wrong way to go about it," says Storch. "Climate change isn't going to happen overnight. We still have enough time to react."
"Scientists should never be as wedded to their theories that they are no longer capable of refuting them in the light of new findings," he says. Scientific research, Hüttl adds, is all about results, not beliefs. Unfortunately, he says, there are more and more scientists who want to be politicians.
"Unfortunately, some of my colleagues behave like pastors, who present their results in precisely such a way that they'll fit to their sermons," says Storch. "It's certainly no coincidence that all the mistakes that became public always tended in the direction of exaggeration and alarmism."

But, please, read the whole thing.

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