Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"I'll Believe Its a Crisis When the People Telling Me its a Crisis Start Acting Like its a Crisis"

The United Nation's environment ambassador is building a 20,000 sq. ft. house.

The home includes...

a wine bar and gallery

a six-car garage

a service kitchen and butler room

a pool house and lagoon-shaped swimming pool and spa

a recreation room with 19-foot ceiling.

Hat Tip:  Instapundit.

In a second example, BusinessWeek in September, 2009 said,
Still, for the first time in years, Apple seems to be gaining credibility with many environmentalists—particularly those who agree that it's time corporations be measured on accomplishments rather than plans. "It's been so much about setting lofty targets and putting out fancy reports," says Michel W. Gillenwater, a climate-change researcher at Princeton University. Or, as Jobs puts it: "All of this stuff is only important for the world if you actually do it. Promises can be very hollow."

I guess they can, because now we learn,

Report: Steve Jobs’ 

private jet is flying again

After not using his private jet much on Apple business during the second half of 2008, Steve Jobs is flying again.
So that my position is clear, I do not begrudge anyone from flying private jets (wish I could afford to do so) or building mansions. What I dislike is the hypocrisy of telling us how we should live our lives when they are not willing to apply those principles to themselves.  

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