Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tornado Travels Width of Mississippi

A tornado or, more likely, a "family" of tornadoes (multiple tornadoes from the same parent thunderstorm) which began in northeast Louisiana near Tallulah and moved across Yazoo City is about to cross the border into Alabama!  The image below from 2:24pm Central time, shows the location of the tornado as the whitish circle just north of West Point, MS.  The tornado warnings (purple polygons) are along the Alabama border.
The east side of Yazoo City is reported to be "gone" as a strong tornado moved across the area. We do know there are injuries, but the extent is unknown.

This is a major tornado outbreak.  The two tornado watches are "particularly dangerous situation" watches -- rare, indicating the potential for strong, long-lived tornadoes. If you live in these areas please stay up-to-date on the weather. Also, look at the post below for the larger threat area that extends into tonight.

AccuWeather has detailed rundown of the damage here.

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