Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Congratulations, Phil Ruffin

Phil Ruffin is our landlord at WeatherData. He is the owner of the Bank of America Building and we office on its seventh floor.
Phil Ruffin at WeatherData's recent open house for our new offices in the Bank of America Building. Pictured with Phil is Barry Myers (center), CEO of AccuWeather, and Joel Myers (right), its Founder and Chairman. Photo by Robin Lorenson.

Phil is the embodiment of the American dream. A self-made man who created a sequence of ever-bigger companies and, with them, more and more jobs. I have always found him to be a good person to do business.

The Wichita Eagle has a major article about him, complete with additional video and other online coverage.

These days, there seems to be a tendency to denigrate business and businesspeople. Consider this: Via the Eagle is a photo of his check to pay his 2008 income taxes:
Yes, that is a personal check for more than $171-million dollars made out to the U.S. Treasury.

We need more successes like Phil's if we are going to put people back to work and fix our nation's problems with the deficit.

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